What’s in Peter McKinnon’s Camera Bag? (2019 Edition)

We’re, generally, not fans of those “What’s in My Camera Bag?” photo essays where photographers run down a bunch of, shall we say, rather typical stuff they bring on a shoot (fast telephoto lenses and memory card organizers, anyone?). But we take exception for Peter McKinnon who has a knack for rounding up a range of creatively useful photography tools we hadn’t thought of before.

As evidence, there was that video we shared last month with “15 Things You Need in Your Camera Bag, According to Peter McKinnon." And today he’s unleashed his annual “What’s in My Camera Bag?!” video where he shares the Full Monty of what he’s packing in his Lowepro backpack these days.   

So, without any further ado and without giving away any spoilers, check out his in-depth look (nearly 22 minutes!) at all the stuff he’s self-Sherpa-ing with him in 2019.