Westcott Intros Omega Reflector and Encore Inverter Power Pack

Westcott has launched two new proudcts: the new Omega Reflector and the Encore Inverter power pack.

The Omega Reflector is a 10-in-1 shoot-through reflector. Measuring 38x45-inches, it combines the effect of a traditional reflector with a beauty dish and a ring flash. The Omega Reflector provides a main light and backlight with a single light source, while keeping the reflector safely out of frame. It features a one-stop diffusion panel with an easy to change white, silver, sunlight and black cover.

The diffusion surface softens overhead lighting or flash and the white surface softens and reflects the light. The silver surface fills in the shadows (and add specularity), the sunlight surface adds warmth to skin tones and the black surface adds shadows or blocks the light.

Unlike traditional reflectors the Omega has a removable 2:3 center frame. The double-riveted square frame allows for easy mounting to provide a large surface area. Suction cups are included for mounting to glass surfaces and a durable travel case (with shoulder strap) is also included for travel and storage. 


10-in-1 design

Can be used as a traditional reflector or shoot-through

2:3 ratio removable center frame

38x45" white, silver, sunlight, black & 1-stop diffusion surfaces

A ring light for available light shooters

Durable fabrics

Folds down to ⅓ open size

Includes 2 suction cups

Lifetime frame warranty

The Package Includes:

1 x Omega Reflector and Case  

2 x Suction Cups for Omega Reflector  

More info on the Omega Reflector here.


Westcott Encore Inverter

Westcott’s new Encore Inverter, meanwhile, incorporates the latest Lithium Ion tech in this system to power up your AC monolights and your mobile devices while on the go. The Encore offers 3.0 full amps of charging power that allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet. The dual plug system provides an enclosed quick-change high-capacity lithium ion battery. The all-metal housing protects the battery and reduces heat to provide better system longevity. The battery takes less than 4 hours to fully charge, includes a battery indicator and additional batteries are sold separately.

The Encore offers 200w of continuous pure sine wave output with a 2-second recycle time and over 800 full power flashes utilizing a 300 w/s strobe. Weighing just over 4 pounds this device is lightweight and durable. The shell is crafted from extruded aluminum and the Encore includes a light stand connector to allow the inverter to be quickly and easily be attached to any light stand.


Pure sine wave inverter

200-watts of consistent power

3 AMP USB charging port

All-metal housing

Removable batteries

Included light stand connector

Fast recycle times

Padded carry case included

Availability: In stock

The Encore Inverter Includes:

1 x Encore Inverter  

1 x Encore Inverter Battery

1 x Encore Inverter Charger Cord  

1 x Encore Inverter Stand Mount  

1 x Encore Inverter Cary Case & Strap

More info on Encore here.