Pelican's LED Headlights

Pelican is now offering 3 new models of safety-approved headlights. They are crafted from lightweight (just over 3 ounces), durable, water and weather resistant polymer. Ideal for night photography, these hands free lights are easy to use and inexpensive to operate, powered by 3 AAA batteries (included). The features include a pivoting light (to a 45˚ angle), a rubber head strap (for use with helmets or hats) and a cloth strap (for bare skin).

The Pelican 2745 LED headlight has 3 LEDs with 2 modes: High (33 lumens/20 hours) and Low (17 lumens/40 hours). The Pelican 2755 LED model offers a single high-powered LED with 3 modes: High (72 lumens/6 hours), Low (34 lumens/15 hours) and Flashing—there is also a low battery warning. The Pelican 2765 LED model offers 4 modes: High (105 lumens/4 hours and 15 minutes), Low (65 lumens/6 hours and 15 minutes), Downcast (33 lumens/9 hours and 30 minutes) and Flashing—there is also a full time battery level indicator.

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