Manfrotto Intros New Light Modifying Tools

Manfrotto recently added a new collection of light modifying tools to their line of gear for wedding, still life and portrait photography. Designed for use in the studio or on location, Manfrotto’s light modifiers provide effective light shaping and modifying control. Relatively easy to use and highly portable, these light modifiers include a series of reflectors and diffusers, a series of softboxes (to use on/off camera), a duo umbrella and a background support system.

The reflectors and diffusers are designed to allow you to more effectively manipulate light on location or in the studio. Available in triangular and circular shapes, the reflectors can bounce light toward subjects to lift or eliminate any harsh shadows. The diffusers reduce the intensity of the light by spreading and softening it. Manfrotto’s reflectors and diffusers are triple stitched for durability and designed to be portable—collapsing down to just a third of their original size—and they come with a carrying case.

The softboxes and Duo Umbrella allow users to create softer, diffused lighting to eliminate red eye and harsh shadows and they can be set up instantly without the need of additional tools. The softboxes are available in different sizes and can be used on or off camera. The Duo Umbrella can be used as a shoot through or to bounce light onto a subject. The translucent white fabric allows light to pass through the umbrella to make the light more a diffused and softer. The removable black covering on the outside of the umbrella ensures that all of the light is bounced back on the subject.

A range of tilt heads and stands complement the Duo Umbrella and the Manfrotto Background Support System allows for instant set-up and fast background changes. A solution for attaching any collapsible background with a steel rim to a traditional lighting stand, the magnetic background mount is designed with strong neodymium magnets for a safe, secure and stable connection. The lightweight stand can be easily adjusted to allow users to change backgrounds at a comfortable height and it can also be used as a lighting stand

More info on Manfrotto's new collection of light modifiers here.