Lighthouses Of North America

Lighthouses Of North America: Beacons From Coast To Coast; by Sylke Jackson; Firefly Books; $35; (ISBN: 978-1-77085-249-5)
Sylke Jackson is a writer and a teacher with a true passion for architectural preservation. This book clearly expresses that passion as we join Jackson on a virtual tour of the US and Canada to explore lighthouses. This is both an educational and a visual treat since Jackson wisely included a brief and high informative history of lighthouses from the Roman era to the twentieth century and a history of each of the structures photographed. It is broken down into 4 chapters based on construction: conical and cylindrical, square, hexagonal and octagonal, and skeletal. The lighthouses featured include Point Sur Light, Alcatraz Island Light, Montauk Point Light, Hilton Head Range Rear Light and even the Statue of Liberty. This is a wonderful look at these historic sentinels of the sea.

Photo credit: Shutterstock