Alphabet Everywhere

Alphabet Everywhere; by Elliott Kaufman; Abbeville Press; $14.95; (ISBN: 978-0-7892-1115-6)
Our daily environment is full of thousands of very tiny details. They can be found in many forms from light and shadow to colors, patterns and textures both natural and man-made. All of these tiny bits and pieces make up the big picture that is our world but is often hidden in life’s mosaic. Architectural photographer Elliott Kaufman has a very sharp eye for detail and a highly developed sense of whimsy. These are extremely valuable traits that every artist works hard to develop as part of their artist’s eye. It’s clear that Kaufman expertly exhibits these hard won traits—along with his extensive photographic skills—in his book, Alphabet Everywhere.

This wonderful collection of images highlights shapes—found in some of the most unexpected places—that form the letters A to Z. Shadows, metal and wood frameworks, ladders, door handles, plants, bricks, stones, buildings and more reveal their carefully hidden treasures when he uses his lively imagination and moves in for a closer look. Kaufman’s work offers the reader a new way to view our normal surroundings in ways that make them new, exciting and fresh. He teaches us to see beyond the surface and think more creatively, the way all artists should. Perhaps we all can follow his example and seek out the hidden meaning in the tiny details that we, all too often, overlook. Suitable for all ages, this Alphabet Everywhere would be a great addition to your personal library.

Photo credit: Images from Alphabet Everywhere. Copyright 2012 by Elliott Kaufman. Published by Abbeville Press, New York, NY. Used by permission of the publisher.