Book Reviews

Professional Marketing And Selling Techniques For Digital Wedding Photographers, Second Edition; by Jeff and Kathleen Hawkins; Amherst Media; 128 pages; $34.95; (ISBN 1-58428-180-4)
Award-winning photographers Jeff and Kathleen Hawkins use their years of professional experience to highlight all aspects of the art and business of wedding photography. Their book features a rich supply of tips on how to set and achieve both your artistic and business goals, tailoring advertising to the target market, streamline the consultation process, provide outstanding customer service, and increase sales. They even added 170 color images, a price guide, along with samples of legal documents and contracts that enhance the lessons and make this book a very useful resource.

The Creative Photographer: The Complete Guide To Photography; by John Ingledew; Abrams; 256 pages; $29.95; (ISBN 0-8109-9241-8)
The Creative Photographer is designed for those who have a desire to learn more about modern photography and its numerous artistic and political possibilities. Ingledew offers information on various types of photography, the evolution of cameras from film to digital, an overview of the careers of various photographers from around the world, and how images can be used to illustrate a point. Overflowing with more than 250 color images, this educational guide illustrates how professional photographers approach various subjects like landscapes, portraits, and fashion to capture innovative images that speak volumes.

Koalas: Moving Portraits Of Serenity; edited by Joanne Ehrich, foreword by Deborah Tabart, afterword by Jack Hanna; Koala Jo Publishing; 260 pages; $45; (ISBN 0-9764698-0-4)
Koalas are one of the most beloved animals and it's an unfortunate fact that their existence is being threatened. This innovative project brings their world into sharp focus with 315 beautiful images captured by 120 of today's most talented photographers from around the world. To provide the maximum amount of information on this subject, the images are wisely grouped into various categories that include Life Cycle, Characteristics, and Feeding. The inclusion of essays from such notable experts as Deborah Tabart and Jack Hanna are informative and entertaining. This is a wonderful book that will both delight and educate the reader.

The Landscape In Black And White; Oliver Schuchard Photographs, 1967-2005, foreword by Al Weber; University Of Missouri Press; 163 pages; $49.95; (ISBN 0-8262-1604-8)
This beautiful tome offers the reader an in-depth look at the nearly 40-year career of photographer Oliver Schuchard. From his vast collection of 5000 negatives, Schuchard carefully selected this colleciton of over 65 breathtaking black and white images. He expertly paired them with informative text that describes how the shots were captured as well as the emotions he hopes they will evoke in the viewer. The Landscape In Black And White is a facinating journey into Schuchard's world and his transformation into the accomplished photographer he has become.

Iceland; photographs by Patrick Desgraupes, text by Einar Mar Jonsson and Guillaume Cannat; Harry N. Abrams, Inc.; 180 pages; $40; (ISBN 0-8109-5948-8)
The volcanic nature of Iceland makes it one of the most dramatic and rugged landscapes on earth. It is an almost mystical place where fire and ice collide with astonishing results. Desgraupes is an accomplished photographer whose work has appeared in a large number of magazines throughout Europe. This book contains a fantastic collection of 150 of his finest images. His high level of photographic expertise and keen eye for detail has allowed him to capture the soul of Iceland in the form of these breathtaking landscapes.

The Best Of Family Portrait Photography: Professional Techniques And Images; by Bill Hurter; Amherst Media; 128 pages; $34.95; (ISBN 1-58428-172-3)
Most professional photographers find that creating an outstanding family portrait is a daunting yet highly rewarding task. Bill Hurter's guide supplies a bounty of tips that are certain to improve the quality of your images. The book features lessons on lens selection, metering, white balance, posing techniques, lighting for indoor and outdoor shots, and group arrangement for maximum effect. The 200 sample images and charts expertly illustrate each lesson and speed the learning process.