Book Reviews

Digital Infrared Photography: Professional Techniques and Images; by Patrick Rice; Amherst Media; 128 pages; $29.95; (ISBN 1-58428-144-8)
Infrared photography can transform simple portraits and landscapes into scenes that seem to spring directly from your imagination. If you have the desire to harness the power of infrared for your work. You are no longer limited to the use of expensive and difficult to handle infrared film because Rice explains how to create the effect using a digital camera, the right filters, and an image enhancing program. He touches on every topic from infrared light theory to testing your equipment, adding infrared effects in Photoshop, and marketing your images. The information is presented in an easy to use format with a wide variety of sample images, charts, and tips that make learning a breeze.

A Day In The Life Of The American Woman; by Sharon Wohlmuth, Carol Saline, and Dawn Sheggeby; Bulfinch Press; 144 pages; $35; (ISBN 0-8212-5706-4)
Recently, three innovative photographers started on a journey to document a day in the life of the American woman. They traveled across the country in search of dynamic women of all colors, religions, and walks of life that would be willing to share their lives. The project was so large it involved 50 of today's top female photographers who captured a large number of subjects going about their daily tasks. The 200 color images reflect the diversity of the modern American woman as she lives out her hopes and dreams for the future.

Professional Posing Techniques For Wedding And Portrait Photographers; by Norman Phillips; Amherst Media; 128 pages; $34.95; (ISBN 1-58428-170-7)
Professional wedding and portrait photographer Norman Phillips shows you how to properly pose your subjects to capture the most flattering images. His proven techniques are certain to produce positive results whether you are working with large groups, couples, men, women, or young children. There are 200 color photographs used to illustrate each lesson so you can discern where a pose needs improvement or how to choose one that brings out the most in your subject. Phillips' lessons are simple to understand and easy to utilize and that makes this guide a must have addition to your personal library.