9 Reasons Why a $300 Nikon D700 from 2008 Is Still a Great Full Frame DSLR for Serious Photographers

Finding an inexpensive full frame camera is difficult these days. And with Nikon set to release a new mirrorless full frame camera this month, things aren’t likely to get any cheaper.

But you don’t, necessarily, need to spend a lot of money if you don’t mind buying something a bit older. In the below video, Mattias Burling explains why a Nikon D700 from 2008 is a great, cheap professional full frame DSLR. You can get one at online sites such as eBay for $300 or even less.

“While most people are in line for Nikons first mirrorless full frame camera, I decided to check out the ten-year-old D700 instead,” Burling says. “It is an extremely affordable full frame camera with pro features. And it definitely holds up by today’s standards. Many images in this video are heavily cropped. But the 12mp sensor can still hold its own. “

Burling also recently reviewed Canon 5D from 2005 and while a used D700 is pricier than the classic 5D and “doesn’t have Canon’s magnificent colors,” he still thinks it’s a solid budget DSLR, even by today’s standards. Here are 9 reasons why:

#1 Backwards Compatibility for Classic Nikon Lenses

#2 Affordable Full Frame System

#3 Designed for Serious Professional Work

#4 Pro Control Layout

#5 Physical Metering Switch

#6 Handy Pop-Up Flash

#7 Sweet Viewfinder

#8 Fast and Accurate Autofocus

#9 Great Battery Life

On the other hand, here are three negatives to the D700, according to Burling:

• Only a 12MP Sensor

• Colors Are Nice But Not 5D Classic Nice

• Unflattering Black-and-White Effects

“However, for anyone on a budget this can easily be the A-cam for a full-time photographer and it’s an awesome B-cam for anyone rocking a D850, D4, or D5,” he notes.

Via ISO 1200