8 Pieces of Software Every Photographer Should Use, According to Michael Sasser

Professional boudoir photographer Michael Sasser is not only a software expert, he can tell you which programs are essential for working photographers and which ones are only “meh.” In the below video, he gives you his choices for eight pieces of software that he thinks every photographer should use.

“As photography professionals we need the tools that are going to save us time and earn us money,” Sasser says. “That sounded so salesy. Truth time. I use these every day and couldn't be as efficient in my business without them. Hope you find at least one that either saves you time or earns you more money.”

Here are Sasser eight essential photography programs, which he explains in the below clip.

#1 Lightroom

#2 Portraiture

#3 Photo Mechanic

#4 JPEGmini

#5 aText

#6 Animoto

# 7 Pixiset

#8 Smart Albums

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