Westcott Introduces Shallow Soft Box

Westcott Now Offering Soft Box with Narrower Depth.

The new Shallow Soft Box, ideal for obtaining specular highlights, is now available from Westcott. The product features a 30% reduction in depth, giving light less area to travel before reaching the subject, and is ideal for working in cramped conditions.

The Shallow Soft Box is perfect for use with fluorescents, speedlites or strobe.  The product, featured on the Canon EOS HD tour, is available in 36” X 48” and 54” X 72” sizes.  It is built with the same high quality typical of all Westcott products, but with a lighter-weight material for ease with travel.  The silver interior of the Shallow Soft Box provides use for up to 750 watts. 

Included with each Shallow Soft Box is a ¼-stop outer diffusion panel.  This diffusion fabric offers an extra punch of light that is ¾-stop greater than a standard diffusion front.

John Williamson, Technical Representative for Westcott and a professional photographer, comments “I am a firm believer in ‘go big or go home’, but whenever I shoot on location space is always a concern. Whether it’s a cramped conference room for an executive or a small kitchen for a chef, I am often very limited in the modifiers I can use. Now with my new Shallow Soft Boxes, I can use larger modifiers in smaller areas.” 

The 36” X 48” Shallow Soft Box is at $209.90 MAP and the larger 54” X 72” is at $329.90.