Watch This Crazy Boudoir Photo Shoot in a Helicopter Over Hawaii! (VIDEO)

Most of photographer Michael Sasser's videos on his popular YouTube channel are tutorials, how-tos, and tips on how to shoot better boudoir photos. But in the below video, he lets it all hang out (quite literally) while doing a crazy boudoir photo shoot in a helicopter over Hawaii.

"This was such a fun boudoir photo shoot. Probably because of how different it was from what I normally take pictures of," Sasser says. "It had a lot of challenges to make these portraits happen in the sky. I learned a lot about what I want to do next time, like time of day, decisions on where I want to sit. What color I want her clothes to be. But that is what I love about trying new things. You never know what you're going to learn."

So, while this video mostly falls into the category of "Friday Fun," there are some lessons to be learned while trying to shoot sensual boudoir photos in a helicopter hovering over (and on) the lush green mountains of Oahu. One is: try to get the shot, and the second is, just enjoy!