WARNING: These Great Tips Will Make Everyone Beg to See Your Landscape Photographs (VIDEO)

Craig Roberts is a British travel and landscape photographer who often posts tutorials for those looking to up their game. In the video below, he explains what you should do (and not do) to make yourself a better photographer.

Roberts does most of his shooting with Olympus mirrorless cameras and an assortment of wide to short telephoto lenses, and as you can see from visiting his Instagram page he achieves some spectacular results.

In the video below, Roberts discusses a number of sound photographic principles, and you can’t apply his valuable landscape dos and don’ts without any special equipment. He begins the video with sound advice for choosing a location, composing the scene properly, and employing various exposure metering techniques. There’s much more after that, so watch the video and improve your results.

You can view Roberts’ great imagery on his Instagram page, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @ShutterbugPix where we’re sharing our favorite photos from our followers. We also encourage you to look at our recent article illustrating how one photographer uses colored sunglasses to give his landscape photos a painterly effect