Using the Lowel Go Lite on Location

(Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post.)

I was really excited to get my hands on the Lowel Go Lite. It’s a really affordable, portable and easy to use, accessory light. While it’s not powerful enough to light an entire landscape, it does work well as an accent light in low light situations.

Scenario 1: In February, I went out west on a photo trip with a friend to Arizona and Utah. I knew I was going to do be doing a lot of hiking and with a bag already laden down with lots of camera gear, and I definitely didn't want to bring any extra weight with me. The Go Lite was the easy to carry solution!

Without Lowel Go Lite

For this initial image of False Kiva, in Canyonlands National Park, I only used ambient light. While the sky was cloudy all day, our hopes were still high that we might get some magic light once the sun hit the horizon. Thankfully luck was with us! In the below image, you can see that not only has the sky gotten some nice pink color, but the stone circle and roof of the alcove has been lit using a single, remotely positioned Go Lite with its tungsten attachment on.

With Lowel Go Lite

Scenario 2: Every year I teach a photo workshop at the Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. We do a lot of macro photography work, both during the day and at night. The rainforest is a great low-level lighting situation, where the Go Lite can again come in very handy. I made this first image of a helmet iguana during our initial scouting trip down in November 2017, I didn’t have a Go Lite with me, so I photographed it using just the ambient light. It’s not a bad photograph but there’s nothing that strikes me as very unique about it.

This next image was created 5 months later, during our April photo workshop. In this instance, I held a single GoLite, just above the iguana’s head. Thankfully it was an accommodating and very patient subject! Obviously, it was a different iguana in a different tree but more or less the same ambient lighting situation. You can see how the Go Lite, held overhead, adds a bit of drama to the subject. One of things I like about the Go Lite vs. a standard flash, is that the Go Lite is a continuous light source, which means I can see exactly what I’m effecting as I move my light around the subject.

Here are a few other examples of how we used the Go Lite during our night photo walks in the jungle.

Want to learn firsthand how I use the Tiffen and Lowel products in the field? Please join me on one of my upcoming Costa Rica wildlife photo workshops in either April or November 2019.

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