The Top 10 Most Popular Stories on in 2015

It was an incredible year on with many of our online photo stories posting record traffic numbers in 2015. In looking back at which articles were the most popular for us in 2015, I’m struck by the diverse range of topics that drew interest from readers.

Our top ten stories of the year include everything from a fascinating video experiment with a group of portrait photographers; to impressive new camera releases from Canon, Nikon and others; to a profile of a photographer who shoots action figures in elaborate, often comical scenes. And lest anyone think that analog was dead in 2015, a rundown of our favorite film cameras of all time also made the top ten this year. Go figure!

So without further ado, here are the top ten most popular stories (based on overall page views) on in 2015. Have a wonderful new year and look for more great photography stories on in 2016!

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1. 6 Photographers Capture Same Person But Results Vary Widely Because of a Twist (VIDEO)

As this revealing video shows, portraits can be shaped by the photographer’s point of view rather than just by the subject being documented. Created by The Lab in conjunction with Canon Australia, the clip features six photographers, one portrait subject and an unexpected twist. (More...)


2. The Photography of Ringo Starr: Capturing the World of the Beatles as the Ultimate Insider

“Every time I see your face it reminds me of the places we used to go…” sings Ringo Starr in his song Photograph, co-written with George Harrison on a yacht in the south of France in 1971. Much of the world may not be aware that Ringo is also a photographer who chronicled the frequent travels of The Beatles during their heyday in the 1960s. (More...)


3. Edy Hardjo Uses Superhero Action Figures To Create Hilariously Arranged Photo Scenes

Photographer Edy Hardjo likes to put superheroes in some of the strangest of positions. Hardjo's popular Facebook page is filled with hilarious images of action figures, including many iconic Marvel and DC chacters, in humorous and often human-like scenarios. (More...)


4. 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do as a Photographer

At, we have a vast archive of how-to stories and tips pieces offering advice from photography experts on what you should do to take better photos. But after following the wacky and occasionally disturbing photography news lately, I’ve come up with a list of five things you really shouldn’t do as a photographer. (More...)


5. The E1 is a GoPro-Style Interchangeable Lens Camera that Shoots 4K and Uses a Micro Four Thirds Sensor

A new start-up company called Z Camera unveiled the E1, a GoPro-style camera that uses a Micro Four Thirds sensor, takes interchangeable lenses, and is capable of shooting 4K video. We got some hands-on time with the E1 during a meeting with Z Camera’s founder, Jason Zhang. Images of the camera in this story are from that meeting. (More...)


6. Nikon Intros Coolpix P900 Compact Camera with 83x (24-2000mm) Zoom Power (Hands-on Photos)

Nikon introduced an amazing superzoom camera: the Coolpix P900, all-in-one compact that features a head-turning 83x built-in zoom lens. For those keeping score at home, that translates into an astronomical 24-2000mm (in 35mm equivalent) zoom lens in a camera not much bigger or heavier than a small, entry-level DSLR. (More...)


7. Photographer Gives Us the Scoop on Amazing “Slurpee Wave” Photo that Went Viral Today

If you’ve been on the Internet at all lately, you might have seen Jonathan Nimerfroh’s astounding “Slurpee Wave” photo. The image (above), which went viral today, was shot on Nantucket recently. (More...)


8. Our 10 Favorite Film Cameras of All Time

I’ve been collecting cameras for (ahem) well over half a century. But unlike many of my fellow film camera fanatics, I actually use these things to make pictures, which is a lot more fun. That’s why all the cameras on my 10 Favorites list below are prime, high-performance user-collectibles capable of outstanding image quality that can give those digital upstarts a run for the money. (More...)


9. Canon Launches 50.6MP EOS 5DS and 5DS R: World’s Highest Resolution Full Frame DSLRs

Yes, the rumors were true. Canon launched two new full frame digital SLRs with the highest resolution yet: the 50.6-megapixel Canon EOS 5DS and 5DS R. Both DSLRs feature 35mm-sized CMOS sensors and Dual DIGIC 6 image processors. (More...)


10. Wear Your DSLR Stress-Free: Custom Straps and Harnesses

The conventional camera strap does the job, but with some gear can put considerable strain on the neck, tempting you to hang your camera from the shoulder, where it may slip off or invite thieves. Like a good backpack, today’s ergonomically designed camera-carrying systems largely relieve that stress and throw in some extras in the bargain. (More...)