Today’s Powerful Photoshop CC Update Includes a Handy One-Click Selection Tool and Much More

This morning Adobe announced an update to Photoshop CC, named “Version 19.1,” with a host of enhancements including selection improvements, advanced support for Windows high-density monitors, and more.

One of our favorite capabilities is Photoshop’s new Select Subject feature, powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence. This one-click option automatically selects one or more prominent subjects in an image, which you can refine, if necessary, using Photoshop’s other selection tools.

The Photoshop CC update also improves the app’s Select and Mask workspace by enabling users to control the amount of “decontamination” applied to an image in the manner that was previously only available when working with the Refine Edge tool.

Other enhancements include a number of new capabilities when painting with Microsoft Dial, including the ability to change brush setting while painting, and improved opacity control. And the new Windows high-density monitor support means that the interface will appear crisp and the correct size, regardless of the monitor in use.

You can download the Photoshop CC 19.1 update by checking your Creative Cloud app and then following the instructions at this link. There are more details on the Adobe Blog, and don’t miss our recent Photoshop tutorial with five ways to punch up the colors in your photographs.