Winning Photos of TIPA Photo Trophy "Discover The World: Open (Y)our Eyes To The Beauty Of Planet Earth" Contest Announced

The winners of the TIPA Photo Trophy “Discover The World: Open (Y)our Eyes To The Beauty Of Planet Earth” have been announced. These images provide a rare glimpse of some of the most extraordinary places and capture the beauty of the Earth. Johan Elzenga from TIPA was part of the international jury who met in Austria to select the winning images.

Winners List:

First prize: “Morning of Iceland”, Sergey Anisimov, Russia
. The first prize was awarded to Russian photographer, Sergey Anisimov. His image titled “Morning of Iceland” is of an Icelandic scene exposed with icy glaciers, stormy seas and fiery skies.

Second prize: “Ice Cave”, Jonathan Tucker, Canada. 
The second prize was awarded to Canadian photographer, Jonathan Tucker. His beautiful image of an ice cave was taken while underneath a glacier in Alaska.

Third prize: “Colossus”, José Ramos, Portugal
. The third prize was awarded to José Ramos from Portugal. His image titled “Colossus” of a pebble beach adorned by two gigantic rock formations was taken on the island of Madeira.


Gold medal winners:

“Castil de Tierra”, Marco Borne, Italy

“Crimson Tower”, Enrico Fossati, Italy

“Gueirua”, Carlos Fernández Turienzo, Spain

“Kiama Quarry”, Glen Parker, Australia

“Ice Diving”, Johannes Eßl, Austria

The TIPA Photo Trophy 2015 was organized by Trierenberg Super Circuit, the world’s largest annual photo art salon. More info on the TIPA Photo Trophy here.