ThumbsPlus WebClient Server 1.0

ThumbsPlus WebClient Server is used in conjunction with ThumbsPlus and allows the ThumbsPlus database to be searched and used from clients all over the world. After more than three years of thorough development and extensive BETA testing, it's now available. The ThumbsPlus WebClient provides your users with easy access to your ThumbsPlus image database over an Intranet or the entire Internet.

Any Windows, Mac OS or Linux PC (as clients accessing the database) can use Internet Explorer or Firefox to access your ThumbsPlus database without any installation on the client PC. The server is easy to install and offers an extensive set of features to customize, secure and log all client access.

Starting at only $199, ThumbsPlus WebClient offers a very affordable way to provide more users access to your ThumbsPlus image database. The company is providing a limited introductory offer for current owners of their software.

Visit their ThumbsPlus WebClient Server product page now for more information:

Users can try ThumbsPlus WebClient now for a complete 30-day trial period. The trial version is fully functional, including unlimited guest access and ten authenticated user connections: