These Striking Black-and-White Photographs by Dutchman Theo Peekstok Are an Ode to Simplicity

Sometimes less is more as you can see in these striking graphic images from Dutch architectural photographer Theo Peekstok. Working mostly in black-and-white, Peekstok's minimalist style reduces his scenes to their key elements and nothing more.


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Born in the Netherlands in 1975, Peekstok has only been shooting for 11 years and says, “I love to photograph the world around me, surprising you with ordinary everyday situations by trying to catch them in extraordinary photos.”


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Peekstok concentrates on landscape, architecture and street photography, (and often some mixture of the three), and the stark images you see here are from his new “Minimalism” series. His portfolio does include some color images, but they are usually subdued in tone.


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Drawing inspiration from the minimalist architectural movement in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Peekstok says he views photography as an exercise in imagination, motivated by, “seeking for the image, the play with the camera and the light, and with the situation at hand.”

The interplay of highlight and shadow, as well as graphic shapes, are the hallmark of Peekstok’s study of minimalism. The image below appears on his Behance page where you can view a complete selection of his images.

©Theo Peekstok

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