These Amazing Short Video Clips Were Shot Through a Microscope for Nikon’s Small World in Motion Contest

Honorable Mention ©Ralph Grimm

There is close-up photography and then there’s CLOSE-UP photography, as you can see in the remarkable video below featuring several short clips from the 2017 Nikon Small World in Motion Competition.

First Place ©Daniel von Wangenheim

Back in 1975 Nikon launched the Small World Photomicrography Competition, showcasing the best still images captured through a microscope. The event became so prestigious that seven years ago Nikon launched the similar Small World in Motion Competition for digital videographers.

Second Place ©Tsutomu Tomita & Shun Miyazaki

The video below features several of this year’s winning clips, as well as those receiving honorable mentions. You’ll see everything from a fingerprint glistening in sweat, to an octopus egg hatching and a vibrant clip of a roundworm squeezing an air bubble. There’s also a spectacular time-lapse of a flower growing over a 17-hour period.

Honorable Mention ©Raul M. Gonzalez & Dr. Carlos Rosas

So watch the video and prepare to be amazed. You can read more about the 2017 Small World in Motion Competition on Nikon’s website. And be sure to check out our earlier story with the amazing winning photos in last year’s Small World Competition.

Via Quartz