These Are 7 Things You Should NEVER Do as a Photographer, According to Pierre Lambert

Travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert teams up with Gabi Alves Photography for a fun lesson in what NOT to do as a photographer. Titled “7 Things You Should NEVER Do as a Photographer,” the below video presents ways to “avoid those beginner mistakes that even a pro makes,” Lambert says.

“This is a different kind of tutorial, it’s all about photography mistakes,” he says. “What not to do to be a good photographer.” While the seven things that Lambert and Alves demonstrate and discuss in the video mainly refer to mistakes (aka faux pas) pro photographers make when working with clients, they can be applied to many different photography situations.

Here are the 7 seven mistakes shown in the video:

#1 Looking More at Your Back Screen Than Your Subject

#2 Breaking the Communication Line

#3 Blowing Out Highlights

#4 Don’t Forget to Back Up Your Files

#5 Bringing Only One Memory Card

#6 Extra Batteries

#7 No One Cares About Your Camera

Check out more great videos on Lambert’s YouTube channel and more great photos on Alves’ Instagram feed.