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My passions are photography and motorcycles. I discovered my passion for motorcycles at age 6 and my passion for photography at age 34. By today's standards I am over the hill to compete in racing, but by my standards I master the sport behind the lens--I know where to look and what to look for. That said, without a media pass getting close to the superstars is next to impossible. However, Turn 6 is my winning circle to take pictures like this one of superstar Eric Bostrom, a.k.a. "eBoz," at the 2004 Honda Superbike Challenge in Monterey, California, at Laguna Seca. These genuinely talented superstars encourage my spirits to take on life's toughest challenges. My challenge was sending in this photo.
--Sami Ayyat
Ontario, CA

Technical Info: Canon 10D, 100-400L 3.5 lens.
© 2005, Sami Ayyat, All Rights Reserved

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