Take a Look at the Eye-Popping B&W Wildlife Images of Fine Art Photographer Anup Shah

All photos ©Anup Shah

Anup Shah considers himself a fine art photographer, and his amazing B&W images of wild beasts in Africa definitely take wildlife photography to a whole new level. Now based in the UK, Shah grew up in Kenya, where he says, “Wildlife was just outside the door in abundance.”

Shah says that his formative years, surrounded by exotic beasts and wild open areas, provided the spark and inspiration he needed to embark upon a career in photography.

The images you see here are from Shah’s new book “The Mara,” published by Britain’s Natural History Museum and named after the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya where the photographs were made.

The “Mara” lies on the border of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, which is a popular destination for photographers and others on safari.

As you can see from Shah’s gorgeous images, typically shot in a horizontal format, he loves to create drama by shooting from a perspective low to the ground—often with his subjects seeming to stare straight into his lens.

Shah frequently approaches his subjects closely, as in the case of one encounter with several elephants when he says he was within touching distance of the huge beasts. During that moment, he explains, “I felt a primal sense of being, a connection to a distant past.”

You can see more of Shah’s stunning work on his website, and find his book “The Mara” on Amazon.