Sinar Bron x3 View Camera

Sinar Bron Imaging has announced the latest View Camera from the award winning Swiss manufacturer, Sinar AG. The Limited Edition Sinar x3 view camera is designed to help photographers work faster and more accurately. It features the best from the Sinar View Camera line, including Sinar Gear Driven Movements, the smooth, self-arresting precision drives and it's based on asymmetric tilts and swings. The x3 features the unique Sinar focusing technique. The built-in scales permit accurate determination of depth of field, tilt and swing angles, which systematically lead to perfect focusing without the camera distracting from the creative task. Like the Sinar p3 studio camera, it features integrated contacts and electrical bellows, which makes it possible to control the electronic between-the-lens shutters of Sinaron Digital CMV lenses without additional cables. When used with any Sinar digitalback, the sharpness can be focused with pixel accuracy via "Live Video."

The x3 is available as part of a limited production kit. When purchased with 2 Sinar CAB Lenses and the Sinar m camera, the x3 camera and the Quick Clamping Adapter are included at no additional charge. Full details can be obtained at any Sinar Bron Imaging Dealer, or by calling SBI at 800/456-0203.