SilverFast HDR and HDR Studio Software Now Available for UMAX Scanners at

UMAX Technologies, Inc. has announced the availability of SilverFast HDR and SilverFast HDR Studio for its full line of UMAX scanners. SilverFast HDR enables users to process images at 48-bit full dynamic range.

The four upgrade and purchase options are:

1. SilverFast Ai upgrade to SilverFast HDR: This offer is only good for existing SilverFast Ai UMAX users and is available for $199.00.
2. SilverFast SE upgrade to SilverFast HDR: This offer is only good for existing SilverFast SE UMAX users and is available for $250.00.
3. SilverFast HDR full version new purchase: Retail is $299.00.
4. SilverFast HDR Studio full version new purchase: Retail is $499.00 and comes with IT8 color calibration and pocket target

Prior to SilverFast HDR, many of today's scanners did not allow the ability to write the full dynamic range into TIFF-data, making the reduction to 24-bit RGB obsolete. Scanners with only 30- or 36-bit capability save up to their maximum output, but today's leading scanning software, such as PhotoShop, saves images down to a 24-bit file, discarding the extra information supplied from the scanner. SilverFast HDR and HDR Studio software gives users the ability to save and edit 'raw' files in full 48-bit resolution. 48-bit editing opens up a whole new workflow, enabling images to be scanned and archived into digital format, and then accessed later without any loss of quality.

SilverFast HDR and HDR Studio allow for raw data processing enables color corrections in 48-bit. In this extremely large color space no significant shade is lost during image corrections. When all corrections are done the image can be saved into 48-bit again and further corrections can be done later.Instead of driving the scanner directly, SilverFast HDR enables the user to read these raw files and process the data as if they had access to the original image on the scanner. SilverFast Scan Type (Image Type in HDR) offers 48-bit Color and 16-bit Grayscale. While 48-bit HDR color scans into an uncorrected 48-bit raw data file (only gamma correction and ICC-matching can be applied), 48-bit Color or 16-bit Grayscale allows users to save all corrections into the raw data file (48- or 16-bit Tiff file). It is also possible to scan directly into Photoshop using the image corrected in high bit mode.

SilverFast also offers a full set of tools including the ability to define output size, Auto-Adjust, Histogram, Gradation curves, Selective Color Correction, Unsharp Masking, Color Separation, and CMYK-Preview.

SilverFast accelerates the processing of large files in real-time, even greater than 500MB, without delay. Files that have been scanned with SilverFast Ai and subsequently opened in HDR will have the HiRePP functionality (High Resolution Picture Performance). SilverFast HDR Studio is an enhanced version of SilverFast HDR and adds even more power by including Auto Adaptive Contrast Optimization, SilverFast PhotoProof, a cloning tool, unsharp mask Plus, automatic image import with renaming functions, conversion of RAW data and JPEG 2000 support.

Additionally, free copies of Taz Tally's Official Guide to SilverFast Ai 6.0 will be included with any upgrade or purchase from for the first 30 days from today.