Shoot Epic Landscape Photos in "Boring" Locations with These 7 Tips (VIDEO)

We’ve all been there: You pack your gear, jump in the car, and head out for a day of landscape photography, only to discover that the location you chose isn’t everything it was cracked up to be. The next time that happens you’ll be prepared to save the day, simply by watching the quick video below.

If you love nature photography and visit this page often, you’re no doubt familiar with Dutch photographer Mads Peter Iversen and his inspirational approach to landscape tutorials. Iversen’s preference for minimalist imagery is readily apparent in this 10–minute tutorial, as he presents seven simple tips for capturing beautiful images in “boring” locations.

This tutorial is intended for those who want to make amazing landscape images closer to home when they don’t have an opportunity to visit the world’s most iconic sites. While Iversen has traveled the globe extensively, he honed his skills in Denmark—a relatively flat country not known for dramatic landscapes. Under those circumstances, the first thing he learned was to find a distinctive feature and make it the focal point of a scene.

Iversen says another way to shoot remarkable images in unremarkable locations is to take advantage of great light and unique weather conditions that can salvage boring scenes. He also demonstrates the impact of clean simple compositions, the value of telephoto lenses for compressing perspective, why you should experiment with new techniques, and much more.

After watching the video you’ll realize that the grass isn’t necessarily greener further you get from home, and you’ll be prepared to capture beautiful landscape shots is just about any location.

There are more great tips on Iversen’s YouTube channel, and in an earlier tutorial of his we posted explaining why you only need three lenses to make awesome landscape photos.