Sekonic Digital Master Meter

The Sekonic L-758DR/L-758D/L-758CINE DIGITALMASTER light meter has been designed to offer the greatest digital exposure control, accuracy and repeatability. The L--758 Series are the world's first multi-function light meter that can be calibrated to match the sensitivity of a digital cameras sensor at all ISO settings, flash/ambient or file format characteristics. In addition, the camera sensor's dynamic range can also be set and stored for later recall and display. Using the USB transfer cable and Sekonic DTS (Digital Transfer Software), all camera exposure profile data is uploaded from a PC or MAC computer to the L-758DR. Up to three different camera exposure profiles can be stored and quickly recalled when switch from one camera to another. With its exposure latitude warning indicators and adjustable Mid-Tone settings, the L-758 Series puts the power of optimum image tonality and exposure control in the palm of your hands.