Ricoh Imaging Unveils Silver Edition of GR II Compact Camera to Mark 80th Anniversary

Ricoh Imaging Americas just unveiled the Ricoh GR II Silver Edition compact camera to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Ricoh Company, Ltd. This exclusive package consists of a silver-color edition of the GR II premium digital compact camera (launched in July 2015) and an exclusively designed camera case. It will be marketed in a limited quantity of 3,200 units worldwide and will sell for $699.

The Ricoh GR II is one of the smallest high-end digital compact cameras, offering what Ricoh claims is DSLR-like image quality with Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality. The built-in GR 18.3mm F2.8 lens is a compact, high-performance GR lens with a focal length of 28mm (in the 35mm format). The Ricoh GR II also features a large, APS-C-size CMOS image sensor with approximately 16.2 effective megapixels.

Features of the Ricoh GR II Silver Edition include:

• Silver camera body: The camera body has a high-grade, silver-color leather-tone finish, featuring a grained texture.

• Distinctive features compared to the standard GR II: The Silver Edition’s shutter release button and the ring cap have been finished in silver identical to that of the camera body. Additionally, the lens descriptions are engraved on the front ring using a diamond-cutting process and the GR logo’s color on the camera’s front panel has been changed to white. The product box has also been specially designed for this package.

• Termination screen: When the camera’s power is turned off, the camera displays an original termination screen, which has a solid, high-grade design expressing the GR II’s product concept.

• Genuine leather camera case: The package includes a black, genuine-leather camera case exclusively designed for the GR II camera body. It provides features useful for quick-action snapshot photography, including a belt loop on the back, and a top cover that opens fully for easy removal of the camera body.