PocketWizard Plus II

PocketWizard has introduced their new Plus II Transceiver. The Plus II offers all the popular features of the PLUS Transmitter/Receiver system at an affordable price. Current PocketWizard owners will also appreciate that it's compatible with all PocketWizard radios past and present; it is also part of the PocketWizard Wireless Freedom system.

The PLUS II is the first radio triggering system to offer Auto-Sensing Transceiver Technology. This technology analyzes the status of the PLUS II's miniphone jacks, camera hot shoe or the TEST button to determine which mode (Transmit or Receive) to set itself. By default, the PLUS II is always in Receiver mode unless it senses a trigger pulse from a camera's hot shoe, then it quickly switches to a Transmitter. For shooting situations that may require the Auto-Sensing disabled, simply set the selector switch to "LOCAL" and the PLUS II will only receive radio signals.

Since the Plus II is a Transceiver, there's no need to worry about how many Transmitters or Receivers to bring with you on the shoot because it's all-in-one. The Plus II utilizes a new microprocessor that will automatically trigger a camera and remote flash within 10 microseconds (1/100th of a millisecond) with its built-in Auto-Relay mode. Photographers can remotely trigger their cameras and the camera-mounted PLUS II automatically relays the triggering signal to a remote flash. With the PLUS II's fast switching speed, there's no loss of camera shutter speed performance or triggering delays. The Plus II also sports a fast triggering speed of 12 fps; it can out pace the fastest D-SLR's available.

The Plus II also offers PocketWizard's reliable triggering with a range of up to 1600 feet away at sync speeds of 1/250 (focal) or 1/500 (leaf shutter). Four selectable channels provide secure triggering and choosing which zone to trigger (on camera flash, remote flash or both) is as easy as sliding a switch.

The New PocketWizard Plus II offers great flexibility and ease-of-use for photographers who demand a reliable wireless solution that they can just plug it in, turn it on and shoot. In addition, the Plus II comes complete with various mounting solutions, PC-1 synch cable and batteries. A wide range of camera and flash triggering cables and adapters along with a 3-year warranty makes the PocketWizard Plus II the perfect choice for reliable wireless radio triggering.

The PocketWizard Plus II is available for immediate delivery at photo retailers in the USA. For more information, visit PocketWizard.com