Plotagraph Pro Brings Your Still Images to Life by Converting Them into Animated GIF or Video Files

Plotagraph Pro is an amazing web app that brings life to your still images by quickly converting a JPEG into a looping animated GIF or video file that’s viewable on virtually any computer screen or mobile device. Initially used for commercial purposes by companies like Coca-Cola, Chevrolet and others, this subscription-based online service is now available to everyone.

The moving image above by Trey Ratcliff and the action shot below by Tory Kooyman give you an idea of what’s possible. (Click the play button to see the animated image in action.)

Whether you’re just looking for a more engaging way to share your images via social media, or you really want to spice up your portfolio, Plotagraph Pro is a novel way to take static photographs and output them as an animated GIF, MP4, or MOV file.  The software features an attractive, easy-to-use interface.

Visit the Plotagraph Pro website where you can get complete details and also sign up for one year of access with 10GB of online storage for a special introductory price of $300. (No, it's not cheap but it is unique.)

Via PetaPixel