This Is One of the Best (& Most Overlooked) Tools in Lightroom for Editing Your Landscape Photos

There are some tools in Lightroom that photographers use all the time and some we avoid. But just because we avoid certain tools, doesn't mean they aren't useful.

One such Lightroom tool is Split Toning, which some photographers aren't comfortable applying. Landscape shooter Mark Denney though thinks Split Toning is one of the most powerful editing functions in Lightroom and says it's a great way "to overcome everyday landscape photography problems."

"Out of all the tools, brushes and filters inside of Lightroom, there's one feature that I consistently hear is overlooked or rarely used for various different reasons. And, these reasons usually range from not being comfortable with how to apply it, or not being comfortable with the benefits of using it, or not knowing that it even exists," Denney says. "I did the exact same thing the first couple of years that I used Lightroom as well, but one thing's for certain, I now think this might be the most underappreciated tool in all of Lightroom. And, that's the purpose of this week's video, to discuss how you can improve your landscape photos with Split Toning."

In the below video, Denney reviews what Split Toning is, how it works, the problems it can solve, and how it can transform your landscape photos.

"There aren't many photo editing tools that I get this excited about, but I think split toning is one that's worth the high praise," Denney adds. "There's many practical ways you can use split toning to solve common landscape photography problems and also multiple different ways you can get creative with it as well."

Watch the Lightroom tutorial below and then go visit his channel for more great videos.

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I enjoyed your video on split toning. I was blown away with the quality of the video. It looked like 3D it was so good. What video camera are you using?