New Tenba Travelite Carry Gear

Tenba has introduced a new Travelite line of lightweight, feature-rich, value-priced line of point-and-shoot and shoulder carry gear. Tenba Travelites feature a simple, clean design, constructed with the lightweight materials but rugged enough for everyday use. Each detail was carefully chosen for utility.

There are six Travelite Point-and-Shoot pouches, sized to fit sub-compact credit card-sized cameras to larger digicams with integrated 4x - 10x optical zoom lenses. Assembled with a high-tech combination of rugged, lightweight Tenba DuraTek fabric exterior, gentle Tenba SofTek interior and shock-absorbing NeoTek, your camera is easily accessed through Tenba's DryEdge Top Access System, the quickest way to get your gear and protect against inclement weather. Tenba's DoubleLock belt fastener ensures a snug and secure fit on your belt or strap.

Seven sizes of Travelite Shoulder carry gear are available, sized to fit an SLR with a small lens, all the way up to 2 camera bodies, 5 lenses and a flash. There's plenty of room for accessories too, as Tenba's Travelite Shoulder Carry Gear features many built-in EasySee mesh pockets.


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