New Gossen Meter

The Digipro F is the newest member of Gossen's family of high quality exposure meters for digital and analog photography. The new exposure meter handles both flash and ambient light and features a swivel head that will make measuring and reading much easier. It's lightweight enough to sit comfortably in a shirt pocket while maintaining a user-friendly interface, which can be operated using a single hand.

The Digipro F is complete with incident and reflected light modes along with both flash and ambient light. Its advanced LCD screen allows digital read-out in 1/10 steps and analog indication of the contrast in ½ step increments. The Digipro F can be operated with or without a cord with additional reading of the share of ambient light. Other features include: multiple flash calculation, memory for storing and presetting values, preprogramming of exposure corrections and a comprehensive range of frame speeds for CINE, including 25 and 30 fps.

The Digipro F is distributed by Bogen Imaging.