New Gear For 2007: PMA Report; Batteries And Chargers

Batteries keep all digital cameras functioning properly. Not all the major firms offering traditional, well-known brand names were exhibiting, but there was a proliferation of alkaline, lithium, and Ni-MH rechargeable batteries from firms that might not be as familiar.

DigiPower introduced the Endure Series1 line of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries that come pre-charged and ready to use. They stay charged up to a year. A 2-3 hour rapid battery charger and four of the new AA-size batteries has an MSRP of $30.

Off the show floor, Energizer was talking about the longevity and quality of their e2 Lithium batteries which are said to weigh 1/3 less than comparable alkaline batteries but will last about nine times longer than alkaline batteries. In addition, they have a shelf life of up to 15 years vs. seven years with ordinary alkaline batteries.

DigiPower Endure Series1 Ni-MH

Gold Peak (GP) introduced their GP ReCyko line of rechargeable batteries said to satisfy the convenience, environmental, and economic needs of customers. Not only are these batteries ready for use when purchased, they also can be recharged up to 1000 times and are 20 percent lighter than regular alkaline batteries. They are available in both two and four packs of AA/AAA-size batteries and chargers that range from rapid two-hour to a more conventional six-hour charge.

International Supplies MFUEL

With practically every digital photo product requiring a specialized battery, there are a myriad of sizes and shapes of rechargeable Ni-MH and lithium ion batteries today. The MFUEL line from International Supplies offers a brand-new, small universal charger that readily adapts to accept a broad range of different batteries. The basic unit has fold-out prongs to fit the normal AC power outlets found in the US and also has round terminals suitable for worldwide use and car charging capability. The basic unit accepts standard AA/AAA-size batteries, but the regular charging module can be pulled off and replaced with the exact size and shape required by most other camera batteries. The basic AA charger lists for $30.

Sunpak Travel Charger

Sony offers an entire line of Ni-MH chargers and batteries for all types of electronic devices. Their new Cycle Energy Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries come pre-charged and ready for use, maintain 85 percent of their charge for over a year, and can be recharged up to 1000 times. The Ultra 15 Ni-MH battery charger is a high-speed unit that can charge up to four high-capacity 2500 mAh Ni-MH batteries in just 15 minutes. Advanced features include alkaline battery detection so you cannot accidentally load the wrong batteries, automatic charge cutoff, and temperature controls. The Super Quick Charger with LCD indicator lets you view the status of the charging process and a refresh function allows you to recondition batteries to eliminate memory loss.

Sunpak Super Charger

Sunpak offers a new line of charger kits and AA/AAA-size Ni-MH rechargeable batteries to suit most any requirement. Chargers range from 60-minute regular and 60-minute compact units to a 2-3 hour travel charger that has adapters for both US and international voltages, and a car charger that will charge two batteries in 2-3 hours. The Sunpak Travel-Adapt charger is a compact AC adapter and USB charger for people who travel worldwide as it can be used in 150 countries. It snaps together so there are no lost plugs.

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