Much Improved Photo Edits with This Hidden Slider (VIDEO)

Are you familiar with Lightroom’s easy-to-use Camera Calibration capability? If not, after watching the video below it just may become your best friend.

Or as wildlife photographer Skyler Ewing says, “This will change your editing forever.” In just eight minutes, Ewing demonstrates how moving a single slider within Lightroom’s Camera Calibration Panel, one of the most underused tools, can completely transform images.

Ewing says, “I can’t stress enough how much this will change how you edit,” explaining that this powerful technique will bring life into your images and make them really stand out.

Take a look at her first demonstration image and you’ll see how simply moving a slider dramatically improves skin tones, boosts vibrance, adds a glow to the model, and generally makes the image stand out.

This simple trick only takes Ewing eight minutes to explain, and even less time to use. In fact, the results are virtually instantaneous, and appear before your eyes as you move the slider back and forth. According to Ewing, this method is particularly popular among landscape, wedding, and portrait photographers who have discovered it in the past.

Ewing not only demonstrates how the Camera Calibration Panel slider works, she also describes the best ways to use it for different types of images. She pulls up a second photo and delves into more details on getting the job done. We think you’ll be amazed at the results.

So take a look and add this easy technique to your Lightroom bag of tricks. And, remember, you’re not obligated to reveal your new secret to folks who compliment your work.

There are many more helpful shooting and editing tips of Ewing’s instructional YouTube channel. So after watching this video, head over there and subscribe.

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