LiveBooks|EDU Web Sites for Students

LiveBooks, Inc., a provider of Web based image portfolio management and marketing software, has announced it will provide a new subscription based package for students and teachers of photography for its Web-based portfolio software. The new package, called LiveBooks|EDU, is designed to empower students with the same photographic marketing tools used by professional photographers to share their work via the Internet. Students who build a LiveBooks|EDU portfolio Website can easily share their images with professors, fellow students and friends and begin to create a unique and independent approach to their photographs and individual style as photographers. The program will allow students (and teachers) to build a beautiful, fully-functional Web-based portfolio which can be updated daily, if desired, for as little as $29.00 per month.

LiveBooks|EDU is a Flash-based Website/editSuite application that gives photographers creative control over the content on their Website. Users can simply upload jpeg or gif images into portfolios and sequence their images using a simple drag-and-drop lightBox. A single click on "launch Website" and changes and additions are immediately published to their Website.

LiveBooks|EDU is a subscription-based program which is available in two separate packages -- Lite and Deluxe. LiveBooks Lite provides users with the ability to create up to three individual portfolios with each portfolio capable of housing up to 64 images. LiveBooks Deluxe offers virtually unlimited portfolios. Both versions enable photographers to create multiple libraries to store and organize approximately 1,000 images waiting to be rotated into their online portfolios. LiveBooks|EDU Lite and Deluxe are available for monthly subscription rates of 29.95 and $59.95, respectively. The monthly subscription price includes Website hosting by LiveBooks Inc. and a unique method for entering metadata to bring a LiveBooks Website to the top of Web searches.

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