LandscapePro 3: An Intelligent, Easy-to-Use & Powerful Tool for Outdoor & Landscape Photographers

When you want a sky that just rocks, don't let grey sky stop you shooting landscapes. Dull days and adverse light are easily fixed by Landscape Pro.

Some days are perfect for your outdoor photo expeditions - others are not! Don’t be put off. Capture your RAW or JPEG files and take advantage of LandscapePro 3, on special offer at 50% off, PLUS another 15% OFF if you use coupon code MT5348.

LandscapePro from Anthropics can replace a boring sky with one from its free built-in library or another of your own sky shots. The color, contrast and mood of the scene can be adjusted to reflect the new sky - and even reflections in water are toned naturally to the right strength.

As stand-alone software or plug-in (Studio Edition), LandscapePro has comprehensive masking and selection with intuitive familiar sliders adjusting the effect on the different areas of ground, foliage, water, mountains, sky, buildings and objects. You can adjust atmosphere (add rain, snow, fog, for example), add overlays, and be as creative or as natural as you like, with intelligent editing tools that adapt to the nature of your photo and your needs.

There’s a full set of tutorial videos you can watch at and once you’ve seen these, you’ll know why travel and real estate photographers use LandscapePro.

Here’s what Kelby Insider had to say about LandscapePro, awarding it 4.5 out 5 stars: "Helps with masking areas; easy to change the atmosphere; ambient lighting quality."

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This is a sponsored post from Anthropics.