Kata Ergo-Tech Collection

The Kata Ergo-Tech Collection is made from Kata's Elasto-Guard material. Consisting of two layers, Elasto-Guard is a flexible material that will adjust to the shapes and movements of the carrier's body, while also able to shift shape in order to fit the contained equipment.

The external layer is made from a high-resistance stretchable knit/weave and the middle layer consists of a one to three millimeter, closed-cell, waterproof elastic foam padding. Like Kata's Global Digital Collection (GDC), the Ergo-Tech Collection features the same `yelloop' internal fabric. Vibrant, scratch and static resistant, `yelloop' enables the attachment of dividers and provides cushioning.

The Ergo-Tech Collection offers a futuristic design and a new level of protection. Each bag features designated safe guard zones, where extra internal, modular padding is added to protect the gear within. In addition, safe guard zones also feature Flexi-Shield, a technology specifically designed for the Ergo-Tech collection. Flexi-Shield, Kata's new, high-frequency, molded flexible reinforcement, appears in the form of ridges on the exterior of safe guard zones for ultimate protection. Kata is distributed in the US by Bogen Imaging.