Isn’t It Time You Created a Photography Website to Showcase Your Work? Here’s How (VIDEO)

You’ve no doubt noticed that virtually every professional photographer on the planet has a website to showcase his or her work. But a strong online presence isn’t just for pros, and this quick video explains how you can create a website of your own without a lot of hassle.

Even if you have a popular Instagram page, and also post images on Facebook, a website is a far more effective way to describe your work and enable others to view your photos. And it can help you sell a few images on occasion—even if you have another career.

In the tutorial below, fashion photographer Jessica Kobeissi explains all you need to know to create a simple, affordable, and effective website. She discusses everything from design and readily available templates, to branding, hosting, and other important considerations.

For those thinking about “going pro” at some point in the future, Kobeissi describes how to design a website with that in mind, and she offers some helpful advice on marketing and business practices as well. So stop avoiding the inevitable, check out this video, and get started on establishing your web presence.

You can find more tips from Kobeissi on her YouTube channel, and in an earlier video with five fun hacks that will get your photographs noticed.