Inkjet Printing Papers; Utilitarian And Fine Art Intros Page 2

HARMAN PHOTO has an exceptional Fiber line of papers, the MATT FB and GLOSS FB in white and warmtone finishes. The new paper, CRYSTALJET RC is, as you would expect from the name, a resin-coated paper rather than a fiber-based product, and therefore less expensive. Available in both luster and gloss surfaces, CRYSTALJET RC is a 260gsm paper that will work with both dye and pigment inks, and is available in cut sheets and rolls. HARMAN PHOTO also announced a 35 percent price reduction on their fiber-based papers, making it more affordable to try out these traditional darkroom surfaces.

Inkpress Pro Satin Fiber

Inkpress Paper has expanded their line-up with a new Matte 60 fine art paper that fits in well between their 44 and 80 papers with a weight of 200gsm. This is a good alternative to more expensive photo rag papers when doing volume printing, or if you’re just trying to keep costs down. Also new is Inkpress Pro Satin Fiber. With a 320gsm weight, Satin Fiber has a very slight surface texture that responds well to both dye and pigment inks and minimizes gloss differential. Text prints I’ve done on this paper so far look very promising. Inkpress Paper also announced a 25 percent price reduction on the Pro Baryta paper.

InteliCoat Museo IIGS

The paper formerly known as Crane is still around as InteliCoat. They have brought out something very different in fine art paper, a new Museo IIGS (Grain Short) that is a 100 percent cotton rag dual-sided paper that has the grain running across the page rather than down, like other papers. Why would you want your paper to have short grain? Well, folding is much easier and cleaner. Combined with the double-sided surface, bookmaking is a natural for this paper.

Magiclée Siena Pearl

On the Magiclée side, the new Siena Pearl is a traditional-style photo paper with a pearl finish that reproduces fine details beautifully with a surface between that of a luster or gloss finish. Also available is Magic Photo Pro, a luster finish paper with a lighter weight. Both products are available in rolls up to 60” wide.

Pictorico ART Cotton Paper
Pictorico ART Kenaf 68
Pictorico ART Cotton Paper Texture
Pictorico ART Kenaf Unryu

Expanding beyond their Gekko line of RC papers, Pictorico now has several fine art surfaces available. ART Cotton Paper is a matte natural white rag paper with a slightly stippled surface while ART Cotton Paper Texture is a very pronounced surface (it reminds me of wood paneling) paper that should prove interesting for the right image. Rounding out the fine art papers are three Japanese Washi products—ART Kenaf 132 and ART Kenaf 68, plus ART Kenaf Unryu, which is a stylized paper with strands of fiber running through the sheets.