This Is How You Take Great Street Photos: Work the Scene! (VIDEO)

Capturing unique street photos can be tricky business partially because your first instinct as a photographer might be to "get the shot" and then move on so as not to attract too much attention. But what if your initial street photography angle isn't actually the best one?

In that case, your street photos are going to look good but not great. If you want to shoot images of everyday life that are truly eye-catching and distinctive, you've got to "work the scene," according to photographer Lukasz Palka in the below video from EYExplore.

Shot on location in the streets of Tokyo, Japan, Palka shows how he captured a special shot of a well-travelled location by spending time looking at all the angles.

"After coming here many, many times I looked around and realized there's more to this place than initially meets the eye," Palka says. "And that's what I want to make sure you guys do in your own street photography is to always try to 'work the scene,' and don't be too satisfied with the first thing that you see that looks 'amazing.' Always try to go beyond that a little bit."

In the video tutorial below, he suggests what camera settings you should you use, but goes a step further by explaining the context of those settings when shooting in an urban environment. "Our goal is to explain the what, the how, and the why of the shot," he says.

Check the video out below and then you visit his EYExplore channel for more tutorials.