How to Take a Basic Photo and Make It Stunning With These Simple Editing and Retouching Tips (VIDEO)

So, you’ve shot a portrait and it looks…ok. Good but not great and certainly not at the level of a professional image you might see in a magazine.

Do you give up photography and sell your camera gear? Definitely not! Instead learn some simple photo editing techniques that could turn that so-so shot into a stunner.

In the below video from pro photographer and popular YouTuber Jessica Kobeissi, she gives you a step-by-step presentation of how she retouches and edits a photo using Photoshop CC to create a real eye-catching image. In the beginning part of the 18-minute tutorial, Kobeissi walks you through her editing and retouching process on a portrait. And then at about the 11-minute mark of the clip, she addresses how she does her color grading.

Check it out below and then go visit Kobeissi’s YouTube channel for more great photography videos. Here are three of her tutorials we have featured recently:

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