How to Remove Anything in Photoshop Using the Clone Stamp Tool (VIDEO)

Here's another great "quick fix" feature to try out in Photoshop. In the below video from Phlearn, Photoshopu guru Aaron Nace shows you how to use the Clone Stamp Tool to easily remove anything from an image.

As usual, Phlearn lets you download the sample image for free so you try the edits yourself.

"There are plenty of ways to remove distractions from photos in Photoshop. But when you’re working with areas that have intricate textures and details, nothing does it better than the Clone Stamp Tool," Nace says. "Follow along and learn how to use the Clone Stamp Tool to sample details and textures and use them to cover up anything in an image. We also show you powerful techniques to match the color and light of any Clone Stamped areas for the most realistic results possible."

Check out the Photoshop tutorial below and then go visit Phlearn's YouTube channel for more free how-to videos. You should also check out these stories with three other ways of removing elements of an image using Photoshop:

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