How to Focus Stack Your Images for Perfectly Sharp Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

If you don't focus stack your landscape photos, maybe you should give it a shot. According to photographer Mark Denney, it's a great way to get "perfectly sharp" images, and it's really not that difficult.

"One of the most common struggles when using a wide-angle lens for landscape photography is trying to get your entire scene in perfectly sharp focus from the foreground to the mid-ground and all the way out to the background," Denney says. "The main issue here is when you focus on something in your foreground and your background ends up out of focus, then you focus on your background and your foreground ends up out of focus - so what do you do?"

You focus stack, of course. In the below video, Denney explains this "simple yet powerful technique" for landscape photography.

"If you’re not familiar with what focus stacking is, it’s the process of taking a series of photographs with each photo focused at a different area of your composition," he says. "Then during your post processing work flow you blend the images together only using the areas of greatest focus from each photo creating a final image that's perfectly sharp and in focus throughout the entire image. I know it sounds a bit complicated, but I promise at the end of this video it will make perfect sense and you’ll feel confident enough to begin testing it yourself on your own landscape photos."

Watch Denney's tutorial below and then go visit his YouTube channel for more great photography how-tos.