How to Flawlessly "Iron" Clothes in Photoshop (VIDEO)

If the person in your portrait forgot to iron his or her clothes, it doesn't mean you need to have ugly wrinkles in the photo. You can always "iron" clothing in the image after the shoot using a few simple tricks in Photoshop.

In the below video tutorial from Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect, he shows you how.

"Learn how to perfectly remove the wrinkles from any fabric with Photoshop," Dinda says.

"We will use a unique Frequency Separation technique to target the wrinkles and straighten them out without disturbing the texture of the cloth. In this lesson, we will learn two techniques to target and remove the uneven folds and creases. Also, along the way, we will pick up on a few tips and tricks to get the most natural results possible."

Here are the five simple steps that Dinda explains and demonstrates in the video with timestamps where you can find them in the clip.

• A Free Photoshop Action (00:28)

• Separating the Frequencies (00:49)

• Technique #1 – The Quick Way (02:51)

• Technique #2 – The Professional Way (05:11)

• Remove Fine Creases (09:19)

• Make It Perfectly Crips (11:52)

• Detailed Summary (13:08)

Check out Dinda's professional ironing processing in Photoshop below. You can follow along and try it for yourself by downloading the sample image he uses for free here.

Even if you hate ironing in real life, you'll surely appreciate getting all the wrinkles out via these Photoshop tricks so your portraits look neat and sharp. No ironing board required!