Here's Why Your Photos Suck (And 7 Ways to Fix Them)

Here's a helpful video with a funny and provocative title: Why Do My Photos Suck? But really, haven't you ever asked yourself that question? Be honest!

We know we have, and we wish we had the good advice offered in the clip below by photographer David Flores from B&H.

"Why do all of our photos suck sometimes?" Flores asks. "You can't hit it 100% every time. Today we're going to talk a little bit about why our photos suck, or maybe why they're just not working so well. And it doesn't matter if you're a beginning photographer or if you're a professional and advanced person, these are some considerations to make to make sure your photos are more legible, readable and successful."

Here are the seven tips, tricks and commonsense photography advice Flores offers to help prevent your photos from sucking in the future:

#1 Consider Your Lighting

#2 Embrace Natural Light

#3 Keep It Sharp

#4 Use Strong Composition

#5 Stop Over processing

#6 It's Not the Camera, But…

#7 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

So, check out the video below and put an end to sucking!