Here's a Simple Photoshop Trick to Fix Messy Hair in Portraits (VIDEO)

If everything in a portrait looks good except for your subject's hair, there's no need to call a stylist and do a reshoot. Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect shares a simple trick to fix messy hair in Photoshop in the video below.

"Give your hair a perfect natural trim using a simple yet effective Photoshop trick," Dinda says. "In this tutorial, learn how to easily fix messy hair with advanced masking and liquify filter. Whether it is a subtle irregularity in the hair of the portrait, or an extreme case of a tangled mess, with this technique, you can create a clean natural edge without much effort."

To follow along with Dinda and learn his messy hair Photoshop trick, download his free sample file here. Then watch the tutorial below and, afterwards, hop on over to PiXimperfect's YouTube channel for more great Photoshop tutorials.

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