Here's How to Make Boring Photos Amazing in 3 Easy Steps in Lightroom (VIDEO)

As the great poet Marshall Mathers once said: "You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow." That sentiment holds true for photography as well, where we often only get one chance – if we're lucky – to capture an important moment in time.

Photographer Toma Bonciu, aka Photo Tom, recently found himself in such a situation during a photo trip to Norway. Bonciu had been hoping to photograph the sunset over a picturesque town in Norway but the weather suddenly turned bad.

"Forty-five minutes before sunset, a dreadful storm comes over us," he recalls. "The sky goes completely black and the clouds are dark and there's fog and there's hail, it's cold, it's windy. We're in Norway, we're surrounded by snow and there is no chance for us to see the sunset and to photograph it. So, the only photo I was able to take is this one over here. And my question is do I stop here, or do I keep on going? I can't photograph the sunset. There's no chance for me to do that. But I can do only one thing. I can take this photo and Lightroom and in three easy steps, turn it into a photo that looks like this."

Watch Bonciu's Lightroom tutorial below where he shows you the three simple steps he took to turn his dark photo into one that looks more like a sunset. Then go visit his Photo Tom channel for more helpful tutorials.