Here's How to Look GOOD in EVERY Photo: 10 Tips for Photographers & Non-Models (VIDEO)

Everybody wants to look good in a photo. But is it possible to look good in EVERY image? If so, that would be fantastic for models, non-models and for the photographers taking the pictures.

Photographer and travel vlogger Sorelle Amore is someone who knows a lot about both shooting photos and posing for them. After all, she started an educational series called Advanced Selfie University, so you better believe she spends a lot of time figuring out how to look good in front of the camera.

In the below tutorial, titled "How to Look Good in Every Photo…For Non-Models," she shares everything she's learned over the years on capturing flattering portraits and self-portraits.

"This video is five years of me learning how to photograph others and myself," Amore says. "I would love to pass on these details to you, because I'm no model and these are tips that are must know. A lot of these tips I provide are technical knowledge you need to be aware of. If you don't know this stuff, you'll forever be fighting an uphill battle."

Here are the 12 tips she explains and demonstrates in the tutorial

#1 Practice is your best friend

#2 Framing of the image is extremely important otherwise the whole photo will look off

#3 Practice your facial expressions also. (Leave the "no expression" look to the professional models)

#4 Make micro adjustments in every single photo

#5 Take LOTS of photos of yourself using burst mode

#6 Practice your facial expressions lots

#7 PERSPECTIVE! If you don't know about this, it will CHANGE your life

#8 Tell a story, move away from the camera

#9 Watch that you don't over edit

#10 Use great light

Bonus tip: Engage QUEEN MODE (My weird but effective tip to instantly get sky high confidence)

Watch Amore's tutorial below and then go visit her channel for more great videos including this one where she explains why you look different in photos than you do in the mirror.