Here Are Some Great Posing Tips for Fitness Model Photography (VIDEO)

Brett Seeley is a professional fitness photographer based in Hawaii and he's worked with many models over the years. Through his experience he's learned some of the best poses for fitness models that you can try with anyone posing for your photos, whether you're out on the beach or on the trail.

In the below video he shares seven posing tips with fitness model Eri Anton during a shoot on a beach in Oahu. In particular, they discuss the moves models can make to produce more striking images.

"See how she transitions from pose A to pose B, and see how she tweaks each pose," Seeley says. "Notice the lack of random wild movements, which allows the photographer (me) to tweak poses to ensure her quads and core all look great while her expressions are also controlled."

Here are the seven tips they demonstrate in the below video.

#1 Maintain Arm/Back Spatial Gap

#2 Flex Front Quad to Keep Core Tight

#3 Eyes Should Not Be Glued to Camera

#4 Hands Use Available Props

#5 Constantly Aware of Wind/Hair

#6 Model Should Wear Loose Items to Shoot to Prevent Indention Marks on Skin

#7 Front Leg Shift Small Posing Variations

Visit Seeley's channel for more fitness and swimsuit photography tips, including this video where compares 50mm lenses for photographing a model on the beach.